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Get more traffic and leads from your website!

Amazing your website is up and running! But… where are the visitors? New leads? More clients? This process doesn’t start after just launching your website. But your website is of course designed and developed to directly start with this process! Curious how? Get in contact with me and I will create a personlised strategy for your company!

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What I do to generate more traffic and leads!

My focus is your online position! And therefore I  understand that after you received your new website the proces isn’t over. Now you want to attract more visitors to your website and gain more leads and clients. 

Therefore we offer 3 solutions for you! SEO, SEA and Social Advertisement. 

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Gain organic traffic to your website

The best way to attract more traffic & leads? optimize your website for the Search Engines! I will help you with:

Search engine advertisement
Attract customers via Google who are already looking for you!

Attract new clients who are already looking for your solution, service or product! I will help you with:

Gain more website visitors and turn them in to clients!

Target your audience on the platform where they are active with stunning ads. I help you with:

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Why choose Dapper?

Dapper is a full service marketing agency where we design and develop your online presence from top to bottom!

With a keen sense of design and the magic touch of marketing woven in, I deliver technical well developed website’s. As an entrepreneur, your online presence needs to be impeccable from top to bottom. And that’s exactly where I can help you like no other!  

With my passion for website design and developing I am ready to take your project on as my next focus! 

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Created SEO and SEA strategies for my clients


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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of processes used to improve a website’s visibility in search engine results pages. Particularly on Google.

By improving and establishing rankings for relevant search queries (Keywords), you can get more unpaid traffic from search engines.

Yes definitely! All companies that have a website would also benefit from SEO! Why? because it will generate more traffic to your website and the right traffic can lead in to new clients. 

Overall SEO doesn’t need to be expensive at all. But the approach needs to be right! At Dapper we charge €70,- (525dkk) per hour. 

Google ads gives you the opportunity to advertise in Google on specific keywords (search queries) that are related to your service or product. By advertising on those specific keywords you can attract potential customers to your website. Important in this process is that you focus on transactional keywords and that your website or landingspages are optimised for your campaign. 

Relevance, Quality, Usability, the meaning of a website, the context of how a website is written, the distance from the search and the location and the prominance of a business.

Deciding which Social Media platform is the right fit for your business depends completely on what you offer and who your desired target audience is. As an example, a restaurant would most likely be active on Facebook and Instagram. While a corporate would be active on LinkedIn. 

This is definitely possible and good for your business! You can reach your audience organic and paid. 

If you prefer to do it yourself than I offer consultation (€70,- p.h.) to get you started and give you the right advice, so you won’t make any mistakes.  

Ready for more traffic and leads?

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