Website maintenance & support

For complete website maintenance, you are in the right place with us. Choose Dapper if you are looking for a partner who goes beyond regular maintenance and actively thinks along with your organization. We maintain and optimize your new or existing WordPress website and WooCommerce webshop.



What can you expect from a maintenance & support package?

With the maintenance package, all available updates are applied weekly, and vulnerability scans are conducted. Additionally, daily backups are made if your hosting provider doesn’t provide this service, and I keep your website’s database clean and optimized. Moreover, you’ll receive priority support if your website goes down.

For clients who frequently need adjustments to their website or just occasionally need assistance, we created the ultimate website care package where you pay monthly €50,- but you get unlimited help on your website. 

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Why choose Dapper?

Dapper is a full service marketing agency where we  design and develop your online presence from top to bottom! 

With a keen sense of design and the magic touch of marketing woven in, we deliver technical well developed website’s. As an entrepreneur, your online presence needs to be impeccable from top to bottom. And that’s exactly where we can help you like no other! 


Website maintenance & Support packages

Are you looking for extra help, or want to tackle technical problems or are you just looking for someone who can do all the technical stuff of your website? I am here for you! 

I created two monthly packages to assist you in the best possible way!   

Basic website care package

This package includes the basics of maintenance & support. All necessities are included in the basic package
25 Monthly (190 DKK)
  • Ongoing maintenance by specialists
  • Wordpress & Plug-ins updated
  • Reliable Hosting
  • 2 Support Moments per month
  • Weekly Backups
  • Secure Website
  • Optimised website speed
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Free website Changes & Revisions
  • Free Consultancy

Complete website care package

This package is for a complete aftercare where I will take care of all the technical parts after your website is launched.
50 Monthly (375 DKK)
  • Ongoing maintenance & Support by specialists
  • Wordpress & Plug-ins updated
  • Reliable Hosting
  • Unlimited Support
  • Daily Back-ups
  • Secure Website
  • Optimised Website Secured
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Website Changes & Revisions
  • Free Consultancy
  • Website visitors tracking & Report
  • Update suggestions

These companies came before you!

The website’s that I build in the past months



I work with WordPress and I use the theme Hello Elementor. Based on your wishes I can decide a template or build a custom website. 

Yes definitely! All the website’s I build are custom made. So I start completely from scratch. Based on your input I start building your unique design that perfectly fits your needs, clients and your purpose. So no generic templates but a custom made website! 

I can help you with this process. Think about linking domain names, installing WordPress, requesting SSL certificates, or creating email addresses. You can therefore delegate all technical aspects and related matters to me. In the offer it will be stated how much this costs monthly. 

The collaboration process will take around 8 weeks. This depends on the size of the project. 

This does not include the preparation phase: during this phase, you gather all texts, images, and input for the look and feel of your website. Once this is provided to me, I can start on your new website, and we will build your digital home from A to Z within 8 weeks. 

Yes! After we launched your brand new website I will provide you with a log in to the CMS. You can make your own changes if necessary. During the designing and building phase you don’t have that option. 

I can help you with the complete website maintenance and support. Think about updating the systems, creating daily back-ups, optimising website speed. See “maintenance & support” for more information. 

In about 2-3 weeks since the first contact I normally start building the website. This depends on the time and deadlines of your project. 

Yes! In some cases this is a better option. I charge €70,-  (525 dkk) per hour for redesigning and developing you website. 

Outsource your website maintenance & SUPPORT!

Let me now what you are looking for!